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BOOK Good Omens god quote
Posted by moltobene1925 on 2008.09.12 at 01:24
I'm going to go ahead and delete the community unless anyone is interested in taking it over. Comment here if you want it :)

BOOK Good Omens god quote

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

Posted by moltobene1925 on 2005.10.27 at 00:42
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New Challenge

Posted by moltobene1925 on 2005.10.27 at 00:30
Current Mood: creativecreative
I'm back! In Louisiana, and online to get this place going. Now, I have a challenge for those still interested. We all know that Goblet of Fire is due out next month, and that of course will be one book I'm asking ya'll talk, scream, whatever about. For the second book I want everyone to chose their own.

Here are the rules:

You can choose something that you've either seen the movie or read the book already, but not both.

If you saw the movie and didn't read the book, watch the movie again first. Read the book but not seen the movie? Book first.

Make an introductory entry about your selection and what you liked the most about the book or movie and what you expect from the book or movie version of it.

Place all info under a cut.

When you're done post again, but this time the usual rant and rave.

I'm going to post mine separate as an example.

I got to thinking about how much I loved the movie of Interview with the Vampire before I read the book and discovered that Tom Cruise wasn't a good Lestat. Or the stupid differences in between the two. I didn't read the book until 2 years after the movie.

Just to let everyone know there is a point to this. For December I was everyone to pick a selection that someone made for this month (I'm starting November early since I've been gone for so long) and then discuss it that person their opinions. I hope this works, I missed doing this, even if it never really was that active (but fun!).

Like to read? Read fast?

Posted by rabidpixie on 2005.08.27 at 07:45
Then come join rapidreaders where we choose 2 books a month to read and discuss. One of the few active book clubs on LJ with over 300 members, we're about to choose our books for September, so stop by and cast your vote! Whether you want to read along with us, observe our discussions, or even comment, members and non-members are welcome to post and vote in our polls!

BOOK Good Omens god quote

head count

Posted by moltobene1925 on 2005.08.24 at 09:24

Who is still interested in Book to Movie as an active community?


disney: cinderella dress

Virgin suicides

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2005.08.17 at 20:57
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well, i have finally finished reading The Virgin Suicides. About half way through the book, I rented the movie so I could rewatch it. Man, I love this book!

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BOOK Good Omens god quote


Posted by moltobene1925 on 2005.07.23 at 19:22
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My opinions on the first movie vs. the second
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BOOK Good Omens god quote


Posted by moltobene1925 on 2005.07.14 at 22:00
Alright, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (affectionately referred to as HBP by fans) goes on sale Saturday at 12:01 a.m. I am extending July's book selections into August as well as adding a book for August. The reason I'm delaying the community for HBP is, well, it's HBP! Since most of the members are HP fans I know they're going to be just as obsessed as I'm going to be for the rest of the month.

And here I go to pimp away.

I have started a spoiler free HBP discussion community called hprant_and_rave where each chapter can be discussed in a spolier free setting. If you're curious meander over there and check it out. It starts July 16 shortly after midnight. I'm coming strait from buying the book to home to load the chapters up.

Happy reading!

harry potter book
Posted by lizzie9281 on 2005.07.08 at 01:11
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Ok HUGE question. HBP comes out in 8 days. I ordered Willy Wonka off of amazon. I'm really afraid that they are going to arrive at my house at the same time. Can we have an extension on this one? I really want to read WW but I know that the temptation of HBP will be way to much for me and over power me completely. Or am I going to have to miss out on another month of book_to_movie because I live out here in the god awful sticks!! (We don't have book stores out here. I don't think anyone is smart enought to read!!) Well either way I will read WW I might just be a little late!!! :)

disney: cinderella dress

charlie & the chocolate factory

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2005.07.06 at 17:18
Current Mood: curiouscurious
My question is this.
Is Willy Wonka insane?Collapse )

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