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BOOK Good Omens god quote


Posted by moltobene1925 on 2005.07.23 at 19:22
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My opinions on the first movie vs. the second

Alright, I took my son to see the Johnny Depp version (referred to from here on out as V2) with some friends, one of which I bought the book so that she could read it before hand. I was so disappointed! Not only did they leave out everything they put stuff in there that never even happened! I have yet to read the second one so I'm hoping that they took some stuff out of that to make this one more, but for some reason I doubt it. I ♥ the first movie (V1 for future reference) and felt that that was much more of a fantasy than V2. Now, don't get me wrong, Depp did an incredible job, he was the best thing about the whole movie, but I HATED THE NEW OOMPA-LOOMPAS! Can we say wanna be ghetto fabulous! I got the feeling that the people who made V2 were trying too hard for it to be nothing like V1. Come one, the boat scene just fell short, and they passed by the wall paper with out even trying it.
I'll rant more when I have time, but I wanted to know what others thought of the movies? What scenes did you prefer out of which movie and what scenes did you think were done better in V2 or V1? Was I the only one who was reminded too much of Micheal Jackson by Depp's Willy Wonka?


Jessica K Malfoy
jessicakmalfoy at 2005-07-24 02:20 (UTC) (Link)
i agree about the boat scene. but i LOVED everything else. i adored the oompa's, i loved their songs, i didn't think of michael jackson *giggles*. i've seen it 3 times already. i really, really liked it, but then, i've never been particial to those books. i definatley would have liked a longer boat scene though.
moltobene1925 at 2005-07-24 07:31 (UTC) (Link)
I have to go again just because I missed the first 10 minutes and will review again after that. I plan on starting The Virgin Suicides after Friday, I bought the movie at Best Buy, it was only $11. Hopefully I'll have better things to say about that, I was just so disappointed because maybe I expected too much from it. That tends to happen to me with movies, I expect too much from the hype of the actors involved and then get let down due to my own expectations.
jv_mints at 2005-07-25 06:33 (UTC) (Link)
Wasn't bad, as such, and I liked explanation as to Willy Wonka's beginnings and motivations. Plus, Christopher Lee! Was vaguely reminded of Michael Jackson, but not for very long. Personally, I'm not sure I like these new Oompa Loompas. It's kinda creepy, all of them being the same. Even if you have a single species that was isolated in the jungle, you've got to have some variation somewhere. Overall, though I think I like the 1971 version better. Gene Wilder is just the perfect Willy Wonka, creative genius with just a touch of insanity. And was it just me, or did Charlie's Grandfather remind anyone of Tigger? All the bouncing, and 'Yippee' type stuff?
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